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Lost Opportunities
are Lost Customers

  • Lack of Visibility Without proper utilization of promotional strategies, sellers solely rely on word of mouth which limits their visibility amongst prospective buyers and in turn, limits the chance to increase their profitability.
  • Delayed TransactionsThe lack of a direct or instant payment process can leave sellers vulnerable to delayed payments with waiting time of up to 15 days
  • Limited CustomersLoyalty sustains business but limited customers reach due to lack of marketing and promotional channels leads to loss of business expansion opportunities, resulting in stagnant growth.

Maximize ROI with Beep

Increased Visibility

Beep provides the small and medium scale sellers with the visibility they need for their business to expand and offers a digital solution to help them connect with their target market on a centralized platform, increasing their potential for growth.

Expanded Customer Base

Beep enables the sellers to collect direct online/offline payments from the buyers, mitigating stressful transactions and eliminating delayed payments.

Direct Payments

Beep helps sellers connect with potential buyers on the platform. With a new marketplace enabling customers to browse through multiple options, our fully customizable will solution help increase visibility of the vendor’s store.